Legal Advisory

The present Legal Advisory regulates the access and use to the Internet web site http: // (in forward, ” The web site ” o ” The site “). The holder of the Web site is Premium Audience Network S.L., with CIF B86435328 and address in Arlabán Street nº7, 8 ª floor (in forward “L’AGORA”) and inscribed in the Commercial Registry of Madrid in the volume 29814, page 167, section 8 and sheet M 536429.

The Web site has an informative and commercial purpose, allowing to any Internet user to know more over of L’Agora and of its activity, its services, as well as to put them in touch with the company.

For any enquiry, doubt or suggestions please write to us to





The present General Conditions of Use of the Web site are signed, by L’Agora, which puts at the disposal of the Internet user of free form the Web site in conformity with the same ones, and in the other hand by the “User” understood as every natural or juridical person who accedes to the Web site of free, voluntary and free form, doing or not use of the services offered in the same one.

In conformity with the previous paragraph, for the mere fact of visiting, of surfing and using the Web site, you acquire the User’s condition and surrender to the present General Conditions of Use without prejudice of the existence of other specific conditions applicable to certain services offered by L’Agora across its Web site, that you expressly have accepting the previous opportune information.


2. What you can do in L’AGORA

Http: // is L’AGORA’s corporate Web site. The access and navigation are of free character. In the site you will be able to obtain information of the company, know what services it gives and how it does it, in what pages it has presence and which are some of its clients. Across our site we try to explain of an easy form and with examples what is what we do exactly, how we do it and what we obtain with it. If it has convinced you and you are interested in our services, please put in touch with us. In any case, if you still have some doubts or you want to know something more about L’AGORA, do not hesitate to put in touch with us across the forms that you will find in the Web site or across our telephone number or the mail

In addition, if you are already a client, you will be able to accede to your client’s area. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it is a  link to a page or a web site foreign to L’AGORA, Cxense AS’s ownership, and therefore it is not ruled by the present General Conditions of Use.  For more information please consult the clause



As User, for the mere visit or navigation for the web, you must:

Use the Web site and its services and functionalities respecting the applicable legislation, especially the intellectual and industrial property and the personal data protection laws, as well as the moral and good customs generally accepted the public order and the present General Conditions of Use. Use the Web site of a diligent, correct and lawful form.

If we do changes in these General Conditions of Use or in the Privacy Politics, check them: they can be important. In its case, checks also the notifications that we send you because they can contain important information.

Likewise, like User, you promise to respect L’AGORA and to obey with the following conditions: neither breaks these General Conditions of Use nor any of its conditions not of the obligations assumed in them. Not to infringe any right or L’AGORA’s interest not of third parties, such as intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, brands, commercial, copyright rights or other rights of our property).

Not to use the Web site to obtain information and contents to give any service that to L’AGORA’s criterion they correspond to it or compete with the same one. Not to introduce for any way IT virus, worms, Trojans or any other class of malicious codes directed to interrupting, destroying or limiting L’AGORA’s functionality.

Not to use technologies of inverse engineering and / or decompile or to decipher or to use any other system to know the source code of the Web site or of any fastened element to copyright or intellectual underlying property. Not to modify the Web site of any form or possible way.

Not to damage, disable, overload or impede the service (or the network or the networks connected to the service), or to interfere in the use and enjoyment of the service on the part of any User. Not to realize actions or to use ways to simulate L’AGORA’s appearance or function with any purpose.



At L’AGORA we are constantly working for taking care of our Web site, improving and extending its content and keeping it available and functional as far as possible, in order that you could accede in every moment, as appear according to its availability and limitations.



The Web site counts or can possess links or links to web sites of third parties. We are not responsible in any case of the contents and of any action that could arise when you accede to external links of other pages or web sites.

In this respect, the User admits and accepts that, in concern to those links of the Web site that redirect to external and foreign sites to L’AGORA (included the link ” Clients Access “), this one cannot guarantee that in the same ones do not exist IT threats malware or virus that shelter illicit content or other links that, in turn, lead to sites with some or several of the mentioned characteristics. In case this way it is, L’AGORA declines any responsibility on the contents and services of the third parties as well as of any hurt derived on the access to the same ones while it neither supervises does not even approve any type of function, content, advertising or any other content included in the sites of third parties.



We will not be in any case responsible for how you use the Web site neither for the breach of any obligation or commitment contained in these General Conditions of Use.

It´s understand that any breach of the same ones for your part might suppose for L’AGORA hurts and prejudices. If this happened, or if as consequence of it L’AGORA had to assume any type of losses and costs (as can be the fees of attorneys), you will be forced to indemnify L’AGORA. Likewise, if by your breaches there were generated any type of claims or procedures against us, you will make unharmed L’AGORA, who will be able to claim you any expense, cost, hurt or prejudice derived from your actions.



L’AGORA does not offer guarantees in relation with the services that it offers, especially on those that are free for the User. The Page is put at the disposal of the Internet user for its use and enjoyment and its services and functionalities appear “as is” and “according to availability” in every moment.

In the cases allowed by the law, nor L’AGORA nor its suppliers or distributors will be responsible for the out of a job profit or emergent hurt for any question. L’AGORA neither controls nor guarantees the absence of virus not of other elements either in the Page or in web sites of third parties, which could produce alterations in its IT system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored in its IT system.

At L’AGORA we are working to protect the system and its contents applying the habitual measures of safety in Internet, though you have to understand that there are situations that we cannot control. L’AGORA saves itself the right to modify, eliminate or alter at any time the Web site or it contents.



The intellectual and industrial property rights of the content of the web pages, its graphical design and codes are of L’AGORA in sole right or it possesses the necessary and sufficient rights, licenses or authorizations for its publication in the Web site and, therefore, there remains prohibited its reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other action that could be realize with the contents of its web pages, neither mentioning the sources, except assent in writing of L’AGORA or of the holder in sole right of the rights.

All the trade names, brands or distinctive signs of any class contained in the web pages are property of its owners or its legitimate holders and are protected by law.



The Page has a special Privacy Policy that you can know doing click here or across the foot of page of the Web site.



The present General Conditions of Use constitute the only agreement between you, as User, and L’AGORA, as holder of the Web site. If any disposition of the Conditions was considered to be illegal, invalid or not feasible according to the disposition of the competent Authority, the same one will be modified so that it could interpret like feasible and effective in a way as next as possible to the original intention of the disposition.

The not exigency of the strict fulfillment of any of the terms of these Conditions, neither supposes nor can be interpreted as a resignation for our part to demanding its fulfillment in its strict terms in the future. The declaration of nullity of one or some of the clauses established in the present Conditions of Use for the competent Authority will not harm the validity of the remaining ones.



The relations between L’AGORA with the Users of its telematic services, host in the web, are submitted to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction. The parts, with express resignation to any jurisdiction that should correspond to them, they surrender to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.


In conformity with the Organic Law 15/1999 of Data Protection (LOPD), Premium Audience Network S.L. (in forward L’AGORA), with CIF B86435328 and address in Arlabán Street, nº8, 7 ª floor, 28014 Madrid, it informs you of that the information of personal data character that you should provide to us for any way, included the e-mail or the forms of the Web site, will remain incorporated into a file for its automated or not automated treatment, with the following purposes:

In case you write to us requesting any information, by e-mail or completing any of the forms of contact destined to the effect that exists in the Web site, your information will be used only to manage your request and the suitable information to offer you, as well as to contact us with you. In addition, except that you indicate the opposite to us, on having accepted this Privacy Policy, you consent the sending of commercial communications from us or of third parties related to L’AGORA for any way, included the e-mail. [1]

Nevertheless, you will be able to form the receipt of these communications at any time, in conformity with the indicated in the own communication or by sending to us an e-mail to

L’AGORA possesses the files registered in the General Spanish Registry of Data and guards over the due fulfillment of this regulation. If you have any doubt or enquiry, you can put in touch with us in On the occasion of the presentation of a service on the part of L’AGORA, it is possible that personal information obtained across the Web site has to be yielded to the parent company, Cxense A.S.

In any case, the communicated information will be the indispensable one for its management. Out of these cases, we will not communicate your personal information to third parties without your assent.

Exercise of rights

You will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by means of written request directed the address before indicated or across the e-mail, accompanied by a copy of his/her ID card or another official document in order to check and to guarantee your identity and to protect your information avoiding that third parties not authorized accede to the same ones.

Cookies Policy

L’AGORA can have technology for the implantation of files called “cookies” in the equipment that you use to accede. The cookies that are used are only technical and they will be in use for the obtaining of statistical information. In addition, when the user closes the URL bar, the cookie will be erasing. You can deactivate the installation of these cookies across the options of configuration of the URL bar. Also you can erase the cookies once you have stopped using L’AGORA’s Web site. L’AGORA also can use other IT mechanisms of navigation information obtaining   for the checking of the traffic and the statistics. Across them only information of traffic would never be obtained, personal information.


The language applicable to this Privacy Policy is the Spanish. If they have offered you versions of this Privacy Policy in other languages, it has been for your comfort and you accept expressly that the same ones will be ruled always by the version in Spanish. If there is some contradiction between what the Spanish version Spanish of this Privacy Policy says and what the translation says, in any case will prevail the Spanish version.

Doubts and enquires

 For any doubt or enquiry on the protection of your information in L’AGORA, write to us to